Blow Me…The Candles That Is!

For the first time in my working life I have been given my birthday off work (whaaat!!!).

In an ideal world…

I’d have a hotel suite booked for the night before where I could relax, soak in a spa, sip on my favorite wine, maybe get a massage and sleep in the next day before doing whatever my lady of leisure heart desires.

But let’s be real….

I’ll probably end up binge shopping at Sephora then end up sitting on a park bench alone with my regret, sobbing over what I just did to my credit card while eating my body weight in Mr. Crackles.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to admit I love a good Sephora haul and if my obsessive compulsive collection of Kat Von D lipstick is anything to go by, I’ll be sating my need for all the pretty regardless of what my empty wallet may be screaming at me.



What can’t be avoided though is the inevitable fact that another year has gone by and you wonder….
Have I gotten any wiser?
Is my life finally as structured as Colton Haynes jawline?
Will my eating all this Mr. Crackles go straight to my ass because let’s face it, it won’t go where I want it to go… my BOOBS!

But even though you may find yourself shoveling sweet sweet pork crackle into your mouth, wondering whether or not your life is a hot mess, you can self five for making it this far.

No matter what the snarky voices in our heads say, it’s ok to not have it “all together” (I don’t want a cookie cutter life), it’s ok to eat a week’s supply of calories in one sitting (because f**k you that’s why) and it is ok to splurge every now and then coz if you can’t adult on your own terms then why adult at all.

So whilst my impending birthday isn’t going to be the pamper fest of my dreams and I may regret my indulgence when my thigh gap is a mere distant memory of eons ago, it is still going to be my day. Good, bad or in between, I’m gonna own it.

Farewell undisclosed age of this past year, it’s been an adventure.

xoxo Natalie


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