THAT Friend


Let’s be honest, we all have THAT friend.

The one that is unconsciously self centred and selfish and thinks they are the only one on the planet who’s world is ending with a crisis or the only one to have had the most amaaaaazing things happen to them.
Oh! And most importantly, they deserve the world and then some because it is all about them.

What a Peanut.

Now don’t get me wrong…Peanut can be a sweet person. They can be funny and charming and you think WOW! Peanut is cool! I like hanging out with Peanut. But before long, Peanut gets comfortable and their shell starts to crack and suddenly you can see past that outer layer and lo and behold….there’s more than one Peanut in that shell and you realise….bitch crazy.

And what about when Peanut falls for someone…*face palm*

It’s always an all consuming love. A love that burns to Peanuts very core. Peanut can’t see past their amore. They’ll ditch on plans with friends to be in the same place as their beloved (but it’s not stalking), they’ll post calculated social media updates to get their love bunnies attention (but whatever I don’t even care if they see it) and even better, see signals where nobody else can see a god damn thing (you better get your eyes checked).

Now let’s be real, we all go a little cuckoo when we like someone and all rationality turns to sh*t, but sometimes THAT friend will take it to a whole other level.

Everyone and anyone who looks sideways at their crush is an a**hole and if anyone in their circle of friends gets any attention on the love boat, they are an a**hole too. Queue the passive aggressive statuses and social media posts and the why me’s because they are the only one nobody loves or understands.

Newsflash Peanut butter and jealous….everyone feels lonely, sad, missing out, left behind, unsuccessful and down right sh*tty at times. 

Pop that little bubble you are in and take a long deep breath.

We don’t always get what we want., we often have to endure unrequited love and let’s face it, we are not a Katherine Heigl movie (f**k you Katherine Heigl….and I hope you got that movie reference!).

However, despite the outbursts of crazy, you still see Peanut, you still hang out.
Even if each hang is followed by a detox where all communication is ceased for a while and you find yourself sitting in a corner in the foetal position wondering why you subject yourself to the emotional carnage that is Peanuts crunchy and never smooth ride.

Why do you bother?
Why be friends with someone who pillages your brain and leaves you senseless from shaking your head so much?

Because friendship means understanding, not agreement.
It means forgiveness, not forgetting.
And if we are being honest….we ourselves are Peanuts from time to time too.
Don’t deny it. Just look at your glorious Timehop or On This Day app and bask in your crazy glory. I have! And it’s a hoot!

Smiling and being nice is the best approach. If you can muster up all the inner peace you can and try to be kind, you can see others as your teacher instead of your difficult enemy. And maybe, just maybe, you can teach them a little bit too.

On the upside…..if you’re ever having a bad day and feel like your world is going to Hell….you can always think of the Peanut in your life…..then things don’t seem so bad after all 😉

xoxo Natalie


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