When The Going Gets Tough

When you have to sacrifice the one thing you were working towards, everything seems without. I have never been more at a loss to make my feelings appear what they are not.

All the things I put into place to reach my goals have fallen apart and all those things I was aiming for are once again a pipe dream. I guess a lot wasn’t meant to be this year, next year, or at all.

2016 is only three months in & already there have been three hard hits. This wasn’t my vision of how things would be. I had a plan. But sometimes plans fail.

The glass is no longer half full nor half empty.

The glass is broken.

It is said sometimes not getting what you want is a blessing. It is said you just need to breathe and trust and let go and see what happens. I am struggling with that today.

Maybe I’m not supposed to fix this.
Maybe I’m supposed to start over.

What I know I’ll do is stop, put on my favourite Bob Marley song and just listen.
Because sometimes the lessons learnt the hard way are the most important.
Even if I don’t see the lesson straight away.


xoxo Natalie


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