Photo 15-01-2016, 2 01 45 PM

Believer in dreams and cheesecake diving headfirst into the whirlwind of my brain (help!).

Always looking for the funny in every moment, someone brought to my attention that my ponderings are the highlight of their day and sometimes ending up in situations that warrant a reality TV camera crew is apparently pretty entertaining. So I thought f**k it! Let’s put my deepest, darkest, dirtiest thoughts on the internet. Wait what?!?!

So if you like having a chuckle at the inappropriate and find a potty mouth endearing (I’m adorable AF ok!) then stick around, have a read and hopefully enjoy what you find.
Please note some of my favourite things are an open mind, a not so serious take on life and the magic words “Let me buy it for you”.

So from my corner of the world to yours, here’s to laughs, truth bombs, spreading some positivity and kindness and being wide awake and dreaming.

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