Liability vs Lie Ability

I’ve been asked a few times since the truth bombs of Valentine’s Day, whether or not I will be getting my revenge on and making Captain C*ckthistle’s life miserable.

Now I could bring some serious Taylor Swift ‘Dear John’ realness to the table and trust me, the Hell hath no fury I want to c*nt punt him into next millenium part of me wants to.
But is it really that important for my liability within the situation to outweight his lie ability?

Sure, I could sell the story to some trashy women’s magazine and put him on blast on social media and it would probably effect him the week the story came out and then what???
Like always his fans would be forgiving, he’d go on a social media hiatus for a week or two to avoid any potential backlash, then he’d make a coached public statement to wash over his indescretions and it would blow over before it even really began.

Where would that leave me?
Would it make any of it better?
Would it fix the betrayal of trust?
Would not seeking any form of revenge just make me as underhanded as him?

At the end of the day it’s not the first time he’s been involved in a scandal, it probably won’t be the last, and it wouldn’t be the first time he got out of one unscathed. So really apart from a small level of discomfort and maybe a slight bout of shock that I would stoop to such retaliation, it would be no skin off his nose.

It would put me in a world of sh*t though and for what?
To allow someone to get under my skin that much that I would forgo my sense of self and my self worth just to get mines back.
No thank you.

So while it’s fun having a laugh with my bestie, saying how it would probably feel better than an orgasm to key his expensive car and leave¬†little notes saying “I know what he’s been doing, do you?”, it’s an even better feeling to leave him behind.


xoxo Natalie