Dear Customer…..

I am not in customer service to be abused. 

I am not in customer service to be yelled at. 

I am not in customer service to be treated incapable.

I am not in customer service for you to be aggressive towards me.

I am a person.

I am doing a job.

I am not a punching bag.

I am here to manage a store.

I am here to roster staff on to be here to assist you with your purchase.

I am here to ensure we have stock on the floor for you to buy.

I am here to ensure the store is running to the needs of head office.

I am not here to be your monkey. I will not dance.

We have a store policy, read it.

We have a customer service team, call them.

We have capable staff members, ask them.

But do not yell, do not snatch items and do not tower over us. Intimidation isn’t welcome, it isn’t right. We are here to help as best we can. We are not here to be treated less than. 

We are human.

Thank you and have a nice day….

xoxo Natalie 

On A Side Note

I was planning to do a very different kind of post, but recently I witnessed something at work for the umpteenth time and it made me begin to wonder at what point will the cycle end. 

There is someone I work with whom you have to be on eggshells around constantly. It’s not just staff members like me but senior management also who need to pander to this person because they are personally victimised by everything. And when I say everything, I mean you blink to keep your eyeballs moist and you did something wrong. 

To be honest I’m starting to feel victimised by their victimisation which I’m sure in some roundabout way they would say victimises them because they need to be the focus. All. The. Time. 

I think the reason it has begun to bother me so much is time and time again I see this person conveniently disappear when work needs to be done, they leave others high and dry in situations that require team work and they come up with any excuse to not do necessary tasks (including rehashing traumas from eons past to guilt others into saying “It’s ok, I’ll do it”).

The funny thing is on the flip side, when this person conveniently disappears and someone picks up their slack and does their work for them, they complain and complain and complain saying others “stole” their job and it isn’t fair. Yet when this person blatantly steps on others toes by taking over tasks they are not required for because the people required always show up and the same issue they complained about is raised about them or with them, everyone is a bully and a c**t and treats them like sh*t. 

Either way nobody can win. 

I’ve sat here and wondered, how do you even broach something like this with a person who can be so unreasonable. How do you even get them to take a step back and realize nobody is out to get them, everyone just wants to do their job and not have to worry that there is going to be another meltdown around the corner. 

It’s draining and exhausting and it’s getting old. 

I would love to one day have a free pass to be straight up. To be able to say “Stop!” when they are pushing everyone too far. To be able to say it clearly that not everything is about them. And to show that the more you cry wolf and claim everyone hates you when they don’t, actually creates rifts and pushes people away. 

But can you really reason with someone who believes their own lies….

A person can only put up with trying to be nice to someone and tolerate their outbursts while being slammed for so long. There does come a point where trying to be nice to keep the peace is a lost cause because it falls on deaf ears. But it is in those moments I remind myself of this…

It makes me stop and think, out of the two, who would I rather be….the person trying to be nice or the one isolating everyone. 

Who would you rather be?

xoxo Natalie

A Good Heart These Days….

Sometimes all it takes is someone not having the decency to show some respect and treat you like a person to remind you that the things we thought were a good idea were rotten after all.

Not everyone will keep your feelings in mind when they need to the most. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t and you can’t expect an a**hole to be anything but….no matter the thoughtful things said when nobody is around.

All these things were brought to mind as I:

  • Was walked from my job
  • Decided after 3 years to let someone in who I was afraid to allow past the wall I’d built around my feelings
  • Saw someone who could have been all of my yeses but who pushed me away and turned into all of the noes

Whilst each situation is totally different, they all came back to one thing – a good heart these days is hard to find (bless you Feargal Sharkey).

Have you ever had someone completely break your heart and yet you wish it was them who would put it back together? I battled with that feeling through each of those moments mentioned above even though I knew it wouldn’t/won’t happen. My ex workplace treated me like a pariah when I handed my resignation in, the person who I allowed in after 3 years has taken to ignoring me and the one who could’ve been all of my yeses continues to exist on a different planet to me where I’m but a mere tumbleweed in the background.

I’ve come to terms with the thought that I don’t hate those who have broken my heart, I don’t think I ever could. I’m disappointed and hurt and can’t comprehend some of what happened, but if I spent my energy hating, the emotion would consume me and I would be broken to a point where I would be accepting less. This way I am letting go and trying to just be. I’m doing things for me, I’m keeping my heart in mind and this way it gets better…in time. I can walk away knowing I didn’t tear others down going tit for tat and I was kind to my own heart and to theirs in the process.

The ex-work drama, whilst it still burns, is easier to accept as done and dusted. The feeling of betrayal and unresolved issues has dwindled because I know there will always be another job…a better job…a more fulfilling job.

As for the 3 year itch and the yay turned to nay….that’s harder to bear. Matters of the emotional heart often linger and I think always will.

However…..when you give your heart to a boy…more than likely he will crush it…why???

The difference between a boy and a man:

A man will look what he is facing in the eye. He won’t shy away from a challenge and he approaches what he wants head on. He’s willing to pick up the pieces and try and fix what may be broken. He’s not afraid because he’s secure in himself.

A boy will run and hide. He will take a crayon out of the box and press it so hard while he colors that he breaks it. He’ll then toss the crayon aside because he thinks it’s no use to him anymore.

If some boy has broken you, don’t despair. Always remember, broken crayons still color the same. A boy just doesn’t appreciate that the broken parts of us are what make us who we are. Never let some boy dull your vibrancy. He doesn’t know what he’s holding in his hands because he doesn’t understand…he’s still unsure of himself, therefore how can he be sure of you.

xoxo Natalie

Sugar And Spice And All Things Ice

That’s what people are made of….

It’s become more apparent to me the older I get, that unless you live a fairly solitary life, drama will follow you wherever you go. You think you’ve left it behind in high school, you think you walked away from it in college, but really it hangs over you like a cloud wherever you interact with others, because let’s face it…there’s always something that’s going to spark the flare.

I know I’ve become less and less social this past year. I’ve become less likely to go out every weekend or spontaneously drop everything to do something crazy. It’s pretty apparent when you look at my social media and realize I went from regularly posting group pictures from outings, to mainly selfies and food shots because I just don’t socialize like I used to. These days if I want to see or do something, I take myself to do those things.

Now that’s not due to anything directly occurring to me to force me to walk away from people, I made the step back due to work commitments and family matters. Yet despite the lack of social interaction, drama still sprinkles it’s sh*tstorm on my welcome mat.

When I look at all aspects of my life, they have all been tainted and the places where I used to find happiness just don’t fulfill that feeling anymore.
Home life has been tainted by illness which is something that cannot be helped and saddens me.
Work has been tainted by toxicity and stress which has been impacting my well being and then my personal life seems to be a roller coaster whether I’ve wanted it to be or not.

Why? Because no matter how much you pull back and no matter how diplomatic you try to be, a word will be twisted, a feeling will be hurt, an action will bruise the heart and chaos ensues. And sometimes no matter how much you explain, no matter whether you are involved or not, the drama will brew till you end up on it’s bed of quicksand with no way out.

In any instance of conflict though, there are three sides to every story: your side, their side and the truth.

So I try and tell myself; you’ve got good and bad people everywhere. Half the time you don’t know the true nature of the people you encounter. It shouldn’t mean you stop living your best life.

So yes, things won’t be easy and sometimes you gotta wade through a pile of sh*t to get through to the other side to better things. But don’t let it stop you from putting yourself out there.

I’d like to think there is more good in the world to outweigh the bad.
I’d rather have hope than nothing at all….and lately…..even though it’s felt like nothing at all….I will still perservere.

xoxo Natalie

Sink or Swim

Lately I’ve been feeling a little like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack in Titanic, scrambling to stay afloat a piece of driftwood and wondering at what point will I be shoved in to the depths of the abyss because Rose is a hog and won’t move the f*ck over!


You see my workplace currently feels like a sinking ship.
One by one, every person who has brought value and life and knowledge to this place is leaving and every day feels like a dreaded walk down death row….because you wonder who’s going to go next or will the doors even open tomorrow.

Russell Ewing said, “A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting”.
This is where the crux of my work place’s problems lie. Once upon a time we were a buzzing team who felt like a family unit and now my joy is found in seeing nervous new candidates sitting in our reception area waiting for an interview and realising they have no idea what they are in for.

Probably doesn’t help that I whisper ‘run’ as I walk by.

I can imagine some of you are scratching your heads thinking…
“If it’s so bad, why are you still there?”

Let me answer that for you…..

I am 7 months, 20 days and 5 hours away from qualifying for long service leave. There is no way on God’s green earth I am walking away from that. I have stuck it out for almost 10 years, I sure as sh*t can do another 7 months, 20 days and 5 hours to guarantee I reach that milestone.

It is however making me question what is more important.
Is my reaching my goal of 10 years of service more important than my happiness in what I do?
Is the stress it brings worth powering through to attain the bonus of a long service leave payout?

Many of you may say no, it isn’t worth it. Your mental health is a priority and no amount of money can fix that.
Some of you would say yes, it is worth it. Take those f*ckers for all they have and get what is owed to you!

I find myself somewhere in the middle.
I am partly staying because I have given almost 10 years of my life to the one company, have endured the excuses for 5 years that we cannot be given payrises and have watched people come and go, taken on extra work and become involved across so many areas that I feel reaching the 10 year mark will be a personal achievement in perserverence. I want to prove to myself that I can do it.
The other part of me is staying because the payout will pay for my 2017 overseas trip so screw them, they owe me!

The situation would probably be less palatable if I didn’t have other projects that I work on outside of work hours and a side job that I do from time to time throughout the year….and no you cheeky Monkeys with the smirks on your faces, it is not THAT kind of side job haha.

I’m lucky enough to be able to help a friend with her clothing line. Whether it’s help with marketing and social media, or being her ‘model’ and going to events to help sell her range, I feel like I am utilising all of my untapped skills and talent. Helping her is my creative outlet and seeing the successes come through is such a reward on so many fronts. And when she is a fashion mogul she is going to take me with her or I will sneak into her warehouse and take to all of her stock with a pair of scissors! (just joking Tee haha….or am I)

I am also super lucky to work with a pop culture event as their Guest Liaison at their major conventions and as a Guest Handler at their smaller more intimate events and this is where my passion lies. This is where I get to immerse myself in challenges and engage with people and work in an environment that makes me happy. It’s giving me experience and opportunity and will help me get to where I want to be.  Getting to work with amazing people, doing what I actually love, makes waking up at 5:15am everyday for my regular job less painful. Plus everyone at my day job thinks I’m some kind of rockstar because of the people I am privileged enough to meet and get to know. I mean who doesn’t love water cooler conversations that are all about how awesome you are 😀

At the end of the day it all comes down to doing what is best for you.
No matter what your situation or what makes you feel stuck in a rut, make sure you are clear on your path and you are putting into place the things you need to get to where you want to be. Don’t get stuck clinging to the railing, cupping water in your hands to throw overboard as you watch your ship sink with you on it. Endure the hard times but look to strive for what you really want and need. Take on that second job or start that project or do that course you have been thinking about. Make those sacrifices now for your greater good because only you have the ability to choose whether you sink or you swim.

xoxo Natalie