Christina Lauren *sigh*

Have you ever read someone’s work and just wished to god they were your besties in real life because REASONS!

Well that’s how I feel about Christina Lauren.

These two ladies….yup….two!…..are two of my most favourite romance slash slap you in the face with a side of your own reality collaborative authors. They bring some serious romance realness (and maybe a little bit of smut…DON’T JUDGE ME!).
It isn’t fluffy love at first sight you’re my prince charming type of bullsh*t. There are fights and mistakes and insecurities and dare I say it….dealing with a**holes…you read it and want to scream THEY GET ME!!!!!

I’m sure you ladies hear it all the time but Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings…I love you! Like, love you more than cupcakes, nutella and unicorns love you!

So if you want some carefree escapism in your life that makes you laugh out loud and fall in love with fictional characters (I currently have two book boyfriends thanks to Christina Lauren) then get on board!

To find out more, go to Christina Lauren Books. You won’t regret it 😉

xoxo Natalie