If I Could Write For The Rest Of My Life

It’s always been a dream of mine….

I have this vision of me sitting in my own home office, overlooking the beach or my flourishing garden, writing for a living, publishing novel after novel, loving my life and creativity. Going on book tours and siginings and having people enjoy my work. Being happy in what I do.

That to me is the life….

So whilst that isn’t a reality I find my solace on Wattpad.

I love the community and the embracing of other peoples creations and progress and that it is a forum to get yourself out there. To have the potential of one day being noticed while you work on developing your craft.

It’s my happy place.
My me time.
My escape.

One day I might share my username….I don’t know.
I still get nervous telling people it’s what I do in my spare time.
But it’s where I can be free….

xoxo Natalie