Milo…You’re Doing It Wrong

I will be the first to admit that I will unashamedly have Milo straight from the tin.


Straight. From. The. Tin.

z102296 Nestle Milo Can DEI

Most Australian’s will tell you the ratio deemed acceptable is 2 parts Milk to 8 parts Milo, so you may as well just eat the stuff by the spoonful.

milo to milk

Plus it is the closest I’ll get to the chocolate bar of my childhood which is now just a chocolate bar of dreams…..the legendary Milo Bar. And no I don’t mean that bastardised version of the bar they released with that weird caramel fudge type crap inside it. I mean the old school dry AF awesomeness that was just compacted Milo covered in milk chocolate.

So sometimes to take me back or to just give me a moment of comfort, I’ll hog into this powdery goodness and goddamn it I don’t think I will ever stop.
I don’t really know if it really is an “energy food drink”…..
What I do know is, it is a good time 🙂

xoxo Natalie