Nick Bateman

nbHis jawline is more structured than my life and I need all the discipline I can get.

So to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow….hmmm….narrow line of his waist! LOL
I frequently study his instagram, twitter and snapchat (account: nickbatemans).

Apart from being ridicuously good looking and ensuring my basement is perpetually flooded, he is pretty entertaining. He frequently lip syncs like a dork in his car to some of my favourite old school tunes, so I don’t feel so bad about doing it myself…..except he looks so much better doing it than I do. I just look like I’ve mentally snapped and found my inner thug meanwhile other motorists are going “Oh boy look at the white girl”…..

Pfffttt whatever I’m cool….
I am!

There are also the adventures of Nick and Joey (his dog). The two of them are pretty adorbs. You’ll see many a cameo by Joey in Nick’s instagram and snapchat feed.

nbdAnd did I mention the guy likes The Ninja Turtles!!!

Seriously! Where do I find one like him???

*reaches for a donut to fill the void*

xoxo Natalie