I Can Nutella How Thankful I Am

Ever had one of these days….

eat nutella straight from jar

The kind of day where you literally give zero f**ks for the fact you are double dipping into the household jar of nutella because the feels will only be cured by spoonfuls of sugary hazelnut goodness…..

The kind of day where you if there is no Nutella in the house you are on a “I will find you and I will buy you” mission….

Yeah those days…..

I know you guys are reading this thinking “Ok b*tch got a problem with eating stuff straight from the jar/tin”.
Okay yes, I may not be indulging in certain items the way advertising intended but I am indulging in them the way God intended….naked 😉

Go on….dip into it….do it….get right in there…..

i swear

xoxo Natalie